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Comparing Two .380s – Peata Riley

“So what’s on the agenda today, Q,” I ask. “More tortuous stories from the past that put me to sleep?”

“Oh, how you hurt my pride, little girl,” Q says with a grin, “but no. No stories today.

Underneath the cloth on the table in front of you are two .380s. One is a Bersa Thunder 380 and the other is a Walther PK380. Both of which you’ve seen before, but have never handled.

I want you to experience the guns, Peata. When you handle them, notice everything about them: how they feel, their weight, what features they have and don’t have, trigger pull and anything else you can glean from handling them.”

“Okay,” I say. “I can handle that. How long do I have?”
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Devil’s Advocate – Peata Riley

I am incredulous that we are having this conversation. I can’t believe that Q thinks that carrying open – carrying your gun so it is visible to others – is a good idea. I’m disappointed.

“But why would you want to scare people like that, Q?” I ask. “It doesn’t make sense to open carry.”

“It doesn’t make sense that people should fear a gun just because they can see it,” Q says. “It makes more sense that people would fear what they can not see, a monster under the bed, for instance, or a gun in someone’s bag.”

“That’s the point, Q. People are generally afraid of guns because of the power a gun has in the hands of an ill-intent person,” I say. “People see a gun and fear that something bad will happen.
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Empowerment Through Practice – Peata Riley

“Load five rounds into your magazine, Peata,” says Q.

I’m nervous, but I’m confident. Q taught me everything I need to know, so now is the time to put it all together. I load five rounds and wait for Q’s next command.

“Load, “ says Q.

I pick up my gun with my strong hand (right) and settle the v of my hand high into the back strap. My fingers wrap firmly around the pistol grip and I point my finger up and off from the trigger. I load the magazine into the magazine well.

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Peata Riley

I lived my entire young life in one hamlet. It was a good place to grow up, but I did not want to spend the rest of my life there. As other kids contemplated what public servant role they would support in the hamlet when they turned 18, I dreamed of traveling far away from my home.

I wanted to explore what was beyond the borders of places I had not yet heard. I wanted to meet new people, experience new things and learn all there was to learn about living outside the safety of one hamlet.

On my 18th birthday, I packed my knapsack and bedroll, said goodbye to my family and left the hamlet. It was a beautiful day and I was full of naiveness.
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A Piece of History

As I traveled the highways of this country, I’ve rarely seen more than a hundred people in one location; more than a thousand would be staggering to see, let alone a million. I once read that the population of the United States in early 2014 was 317.8 million people.

Throughout history millions of people traveled this country. They rode in automobiles, trains, airplanes and a host of other modern modes of transportation, most of which I’ve never seen – nor will I ever. What was once considered modern convenience, are now rusted hulks of the past that lurk in the minds of the old – but of which the young have no recollection.

I know these things because I learned to read when I was young – not everyone was as fortunate as I. When time allows, I seek out what I refer to as an information hub – a place where books are stored and people gathered to learn and study. Some information hubs are in surprisingly good condition; their contents are in tact, and information is still readable. It’s amazing what I’ve learned.

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How to Hold a Semi-automatic Pistol

This is my second YouTube video.

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Semi-Automatic Pistol Nomenclature

This was my first YouTube video.

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Cite Because It’s Right_Final Project

This short PSA is part of my final project for the class. It turned out well. It’s actually a cute video.


This link is the intro video to the “Cite Because It’s Right” campaign.


This is my strategic plan for the campaign.


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U.S. Government Hired the Hacking Team – Wise or Not-So-Wise?

Your completed assignment will relate to/discuss an ethical issue from this week’s topic – government/whistle blowing; as you know, this topic relates to other issues we’ve studied as well such as privacy, social media, and others.

I learned last week that debating myself was quite fun and the process made me look at things differently.  What I liked about this debate is that Ego 2 turned three of Ego 1’s ethical approaches back on her and made the same approaches work for the other side, which showed me that it really depends on what frame of mind someone is in as to how they will use an ethical approach.  There seems to be no such thing as black and white in the world of ethics.

As in the past, I included my person thoughts on the resources slide.  The U.S. government working with the Hacking Team is a very ethical issue, one I’m not so sure we should be partaking in, however, there is always an inherent risk in the protection of those whom you love and in this case, I have to think that the U.S. government loves its public enough to take this risk.

Let me know what you think…

Click the link below to view the debate:


You may need to download Voice Thread to view the debate.

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U.S. Government Pays Telecommunications Companies For Citizens Private Info

After reading about Snowden, and the LA Times article from this week’s reading, post a brief blog entry about addressing the issue of his return to the U.S. Use what you’ve learned from other modules – privacy, big data, government surveillance, etc. – to help articulate your position.

Your post should be based on action reasoned out using one of the ethical model, not your opinion.

Snowden seems to think that his leaking of secure data is for the common good of the people. And in some cases, it may well be, but for all I care, Snowden can stay in Russia.

The article that concerned me this week was written by Robert Lenzner, titled, “ATT, Version, Spring Are Paid Cash By NSA For Your Private Communications.” I was surprised to learn that these major telecommunications companies – and certainly a host of others – are paid by the U.S. Government to hand over private data.

I’m not certain if I’m more sickened by the fact that the government is paying these companies hefty sums of money or that the companies expect the government to pay them hefty amounts of money for sharing private data of millions of Americans.
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