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Cite Because It’s Right_Final Project

This short PSA is part of my final project for the class. It turned out well. It’s actually a cute video.


This link is the intro video to the “Cite Because It’s Right” campaign.


This is my strategic plan for the campaign.


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U.S. Government Hired the Hacking Team – Wise or Not-So-Wise?

Your completed assignment will relate to/discuss an ethical issue from this week’s topic – government/whistle blowing; as you know, this topic relates to other issues we’ve studied as well such as privacy, social media, and others.

I learned last week that debating myself was quite fun and the process made me look at things differently.  What I liked about this debate is that Ego 2 turned three of Ego 1’s ethical approaches back on her and made the same approaches work for the other side, which showed me that it really depends on what frame of mind someone is in as to how they will use an ethical approach.  There seems to be no such thing as black and white in the world of ethics.

As in the past, I included my person thoughts on the resources slide.  The U.S. government working with the Hacking Team is a very ethical issue, one I’m not so sure we should be partaking in, however, there is always an inherent risk in the protection of those whom you love and in this case, I have to think that the U.S. government loves its public enough to take this risk.

Let me know what you think…

Click the link below to view the debate:


You may need to download Voice Thread to view the debate.

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U.S. Government Pays Telecommunications Companies For Citizens Private Info

After reading about Snowden, and the LA Times article from this week’s reading, post a brief blog entry about addressing the issue of his return to the U.S. Use what you’ve learned from other modules – privacy, big data, government surveillance, etc. – to help articulate your position.

Your post should be based on action reasoned out using one of the ethical model, not your opinion.

Snowden seems to think that his leaking of secure data is for the common good of the people. And in some cases, it may well be, but for all I care, Snowden can stay in Russia.

The article that concerned me this week was written by Robert Lenzner, titled, “ATT, Version, Spring Are Paid Cash By NSA For Your Private Communications.” I was surprised to learn that these major telecommunications companies – and certainly a host of others – are paid by the U.S. Government to hand over private data.

I’m not certain if I’m more sickened by the fact that the government is paying these companies hefty sums of money or that the companies expect the government to pay them hefty amounts of money for sharing private data of millions of Americans.
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Turkey Shut Down Twitter – Was It Ethical?

Prepare a presentation about one of the topics covered during this module. Choose a topic different from your blog topic. You cannot present on the same issue as your blog. 

Your position should be substantiated with sources, which can include material from the module readings, but you are not limited to these sources. You are encouraged to draw upon other sources to expand your argument beyond what we’ve examined together.

For this assignment I chose to debate myself.  Ego 1 thought it was ethical for Turkey to shut down Twitter.  Ego 2 thought it was unethical to shut down Twitter.  I had to do a little digging to find the information I wanted to use to support each side, even though I may not have believed one side was correct in its assumptions.  It was a fun process.

I added my true thoughts on the resources slide, so let me know what you thought of the presentation and what your thoughts are on the subject.

Click the link below to view the debate:


You may need to download Voice Thread to view the debate.


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The Right To Be Forgotten – Who Deserves It?

The subject of your article must relate to one, or several, of the general topics covered in this module – Net Neutrality in the US or an international media concept such as The Right to Be Forgotten, Net Neutrality, or another, etc. – your choice.

There are certain things I would love to forget. Fortunately for me, I have that opportunity because when I was a kid there was no posting things to the internet. Old photos can be destroyed and memories will fade, but the current generation isn’t so lucky. Ask any who has had a photo or information about themselves get out of hand via social media.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Cherish Byers posted a photo of herself tongue kissing a POW/MIA emblem. Byers took this photo three years before it was discovered on the internet and went viral. For three years this photo was lost in oblivion until one random day someone found it and decided to share. Suddenly Byers’ past finds her – along with millions of people she wishes never saw it.
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Big Data – Human Context Is What’s Missing

After reading about big data’s impact on privacy, write a persuasive essay siding for or against big data. You can choose from any of the issues covered in the readings this week or choose another issue you have identified as a result of big data. Your essay should convince me of your position with substantiated (sourced) arguments.

Big data is just that. It’s big data. According to Dictionary.com, big data refers to “Computer, data sets, typically consisting of billions or trillions of records, that are so vast and complex that they require new and powerful computational resources to process.” Companies are collecting so much data that they cannot hire enough analysts to analyze it in a way that makes sense.

Instead, companies are using poorly constructed analytical models to analyze their big data with often bad results. One such example is that of the Solid Gold Bomb shirt company. Solid Gold used big data to help them to come up with new t-shirt ideas. Their analytical system pulled popular phrases from their collection of big data and used the phrases to play off the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On.” The phrase that raised an uproar was “Keep Calm and Rape a Lot”. The company profusely apologized. It sincerely did not know that the phrase was even being sold, as there was an error in coding that went unchecked.
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Big Data – Where Are The Ethics?

What will be the future of Big Data? In this week’s blog try to predict what and how Big Data will influence our future lives. Consider what kind of policies should be developed to assure optimal outcomes. Feel free to find articles on future of Big Data and base your predictions on those resources. Please remember to cite them properly.

This week’s readings had two different focuses. The first focus was on price gouging and how companies were using big data collection to charge different groups of people different prices. Algorithms could also drop prices if it saw an item sitting in your online shopping cart too long – it would drop the price to make the deal. There is definitely some ethical issues with this.

The second focus, and the one I found more interesting, was the collection of big data as a whole and the ethical debate behind it. Not only that, but there is also a sociological component that I found very interesting.
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Removing Bad Reviews – Ethical or Not

You and your partner will debate the ethics of companies removing user posts. Together, you will identify a case where this practice has been reported/documented. You can choose any industry, organization, etc., as long as the practice of removing user comments/posts/reviews has been practiced. One of you will argue the pro side and the other will argue the con side of your chosen case.

Click the link below to view the debate:


You may need to download Voice Thread to view the video

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Paid-For Reviews – Right or Wrong?

Using your knowledge from the course, express your opinion, supported by ethical principles, policies and examples, about the ethics involved in one of the following topics where reviewers are being paid for their online postings.

I love to share my opinion. I am the person who will keep a receipt in my purse until I get a chance to fill out the online survey, especially if I had a great or terrible experience. I am also the per< ! son who will read several reviews before purchasing a new item. I look at the good, but I think the mediocre and the bad are just as important. I don’t agree with professional reviewers as I think there are ethical issues. The one ethical dilemma that concerns me most is the idea that the more positive reviews someone writes, the more pay or free stuff they receive. Where’s the truth in that? Read the rest of this entry »

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To Visit Or Not To Visit The Deep Web_An Ethical Essay

After examining these issues and further research, write a short essay (300-500 words) on a topic of your choice related to either a Journalism or Deep Web Internet ethics topics.

Looking through the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics, it seems clear that using the Deep Web as a source is not an ethical thing to do. There are inherent dangers to this, but I can understand its use by a journalists.

There are four codes that caught my eye and relate directly to this subject.

The first code is, “Consider sources’ motives before promising anonymity. Reserve anonymity for sources who may face danger, retribution or other harm, and have information that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Explain why anonymity was granted.”
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