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Social Media Strategy for Pistol Packing Ladies – Final Video

2. Present a 5-7 minute presentation (10-15 slides) on your strategy plan, including the same elements as indicated above:

  • social media
  • community management
  • content marketing
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Social Media Strategy for Pistol Packing Ladies – Final Project

1. Write your strategy including the plan and how you’ll execute for:

  • social media
  • community management
  • content marketing

Social Media Strategy for Pistol Packing Ladies


During our initial consultation with Pistol Packing Ladies (PPL), TO Consulting learned that PPL wanted to raise awareness of the PPL brand.

Through awareness, PPL plans to increase the number of club memberships, continue to encourage women to try the great sport of pistol shooting, and for those ladies who already shoot, to continue honing their skills.

The strategy includes discussion of the audience and clients, a 6-month event calendar, community management, content management, content strategy and tactics.
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Alabama Power & Brand Journalism

Analyze Alabama Power’s brand journalism approach based on Ike’s lecture and your reading in the form of a 10-15 slide and 5 minute oral presentation. (Make sure to not be under or over the required time and slide limit.) In doing so, consider stregnths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in regards to their content marketing efforts (SWOT analysis). Where could they improve? Where can they go with brand journalism?

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Is Brand Journalism Content Marketing? – A Blog Post for Class

Is brand journalism content marketing? Yes, I think it is. Well, it’s similar enough that they their titles could be used interchanged without much fuss.

I like to Google the topic of the week before I begin writing my posts because the search usually pulls up something that I find interesting enough to share. Google did not let me down.

I found this quote on brandjournalists.com, “Brand journalism involves telling journalism-style stories about a company that make readers want to know more, stories that don’t read like marketing or advertising copy. It means having conversations with your customer — not preaching at them or bombarding them with bullet points but giving them real and interesting stories they can relate to. People today are so inundated with advertising and marketing speak, they now filter out marketing messages and a well-told story is the best way to get your message across.”
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What Not to Do in A Crisis

This was an interesting assignment. We had to dissect a media crisis and make suggestions as to how the establishment could have handled the situation better.

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Content Marketing

1. Write a 500-700 word essay on the importance of content marketing for community managers
2. Create a schematic (draw it on paper, create it in Word, PPT or another tool) for how you’d share a blog post on social media


Content Marketing for Community Managers

Community managers have an important role; they build and manage an online community. This means listening to their communities, as well as participating in their communities. It also means that they care for the communities, share answers with them, as well as pass on information to them.

A content marketer has a similar role in that the content marketer listens and participates in their communities, but the content marketer also creates online content. The online content can be infographics, how-to guides, photos, videos and a number of other mediums. The purpose of creating new and interesting content is to build stronger customer relationships and increased traffic.
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Community Management and Product Development

Select a brand from the reading that is using social media for product insight, whether it’s an internal or external community, and write a one-page case study (Word, PDF, Google Doc, etc.) including 1) The situation 2) the challenge 3) What was done 4) The result. Use the case study examples to guide you with organizing your case study.

The Situation:
The Levi’s Strauss brand was looking for new faces to model its apparel for an upcoming ad campaign and decided to crowdsource the project on Instagram. The idea behind Instagram was that it was a new social media tool that could be leveraged for a photo campaign such as the “Go Forth” campaign. Instagram was similar to Twitter, but the photo came first, so the photo was the heart of the dialogue, not the actual dialogue. Since Levi’s was asking people to share photos of themselves wearing Levi’s jeans, Instagram was a great idea.

The “Go Forth” campaign launched in the fall of 2012 as a global campaign. People from every walk of life – regardless of nationality, gender, race or religion – were invited to participate and had an opportunity to share their photos with the world, and Levi’s.
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Community and Crisis Management

Analyze and dissect one of the social media crises from Starbucks or Browns Bar. Write and present, with PPT and audio, a 5 minute, 10-15 slide presentation covering the origins of the crisis, what its affect was on the business and organization, what social media’s role was in the crisis, how well the brand responded to the crisis and what you might have done differently.

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Customer Service via Social Media – Week 4

Customer Service via Social Media


Customer service is hugely important. I’ll be the first to admit that I will pay more for a product because of outstanding customer service. I will also tip more and I will be loyal to a company or brand because of the customer service I’ve received. When a company turns my negative experience into a positive one, that company rates more kudos and I will more than likely continue to do business with them.

Good customer service isn’t experienced just in stores, however, it is experienced online and in the social media realm on a daily basis. In Courtney Seiter’s article, “The Complete Guide to Using Social Media for Customer Service,” she explains that customer service matters on social media because, “Customers want, expect and are prepared to reward great social media customer service, but not many brands are living up to their expectations.” (page 3)
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Blog Post – Week 6 – Crowdsourcing

I think sourcing product insights has its advantage on social media (open source) as well as developing a specific community.  Asking questions and for product insight through any social medium channel that your followers are using will likely yield you some results, hopefully a lot of results.  The larger the community, the more opportunity you have to capture answers, thoughts and suggestions that could help your company develop a better product or offer a better service.

Depending on your community, however, creating a separate opportunity for your special followers to participate in product insight may be a great option.  Superfly.com did just that.  They created a special community for particular frequent-flier program participants, which gave the members a sense of being in an elite club.  The frequent-flier program members know the pain of long and frequent travel and were able to offer the company important insight.
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