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Woman Voted in as Member to Prestigious Gun Club – Peata Riley

on December 14, 2015

By Ellie Knolsby

MINCONSINOWA – Peata Riley is the first women gun handler and instructor in recent history to be welcomed as a member of the Gun Handler’s Society.

“It is an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Society,” said Riley. “It took a lot of hard work and the constant requirement to prove my skills to others to be voted in to this prestigious culture.”

The Gun Handler’s Society was created in 2189 to establish a collective presence in the country for proper gun handling and ownership. It is extremely rare that the Society would offer membership to a woman.

In fact, it is rare that a woman is interested in gun handling at all. Minconsinowa is 208,787 square miles and Riley is the only known female gun handler. It is more astonishing that she is also a gun instructor.

“Peata Riley is a women, yes, but most importantly, she is an exceptional gun handler and instructor,” said Fortem Hoolery, president of the Gun Handler’s Society. “We recognize Peata for her fortitude to be the best at what she does and her brilliance in helping to shape tomorrow’s landscape for future gun handlers.”

The Society plans to share its gun handling experience with a wider audience to encourage those who are interested in learning, the opportunity to do so.

“I believe that I’m the only women gun handler now because other woman have not had the opportunities that I have,” Riley said. “I believe that once we open the door to new possibilities, the face of the Gun Handler’s Society will change and more women will embrace the opportunity.”

Riley is the lead coordinator in facilitating new groundbreaking initiative within the Society.

“The fact that the Society is looking at new initiatives is a good example of what happens when a breath of fresh air walks through the door,” Riley said. “And I smell good, too.”

Peata Riley is a fictional character who lives in the future. Peata is the vehicle the author uses to spin a tale of common threads separated by temporal dimensions. Enjoy.