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POST Strategy for Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

on December 14, 2015

The zombie apocalypse is a fun category to do research on. Even the CDC jumped on the bandwagon a few years ago and posted a number of articles about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Along the same genre of zombie lovers is the dooms-day preppers – they have a want and desire to survive a natural or man-made disaster, to include a zombie apocalypse.

I used the POST method to organize my social media campaign.

This community is made up of mostly dooms-day-type preppers – people who feel the need to be ready for natural or man-made catastrophes. They spend lots of time and money on preparing for what they feel is inevitable. My goal is to create a community where people come together to share information, ideas and strategies for how best to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.
• Being prepared for anything is the idea that binds this group of people together.
• They like to share information, ideas and strategies.
• They talk about what they’ve done to prepare and help others with preparation.
• They talk in support groups, on twitter/Facebook, they blog, and they attend zombie/prepper events.
• The typical member is one who believes that the worst of human kind is coming and they want to protect their families and themselves against it. The group is mostly creators, each with a common goal; to share their experience and let others know that they are not alone. I expect a few connectors to join the conversation, as well as a few mavens.
• The opportunities for conversation are endless; there are dozens of topics and sub-topics to choose from.

We want to bring people who enjoy learning about zombie and prepping together for information, ideas, strategy and fun. Each prepper has their own story and connecting the zombie enthusiast with the everyday zombie and preppers fanatics will be interesting.
• I would like to energize, support and embrace the community of preppers and zombie believers.
o Energize through sharing of experiences. The how and why people got into prepping and how and why others love the zombie genre will energize conversation.
o Support both the ‘old hats’ prepper and zombie culture, but also support the new comers.
o Embrace those who feel ostracized for believing and doing what they believe and do.

I am hoping to have a collective group of strong preppers and zombie lovers who are passionate about the subject and willing to share their ideas with others.
• Outreach to similar communities, such as U.S. Zombie Outbreak Response Team.
• Conversations I plan to initiate include:
o Introduction to other similar communities.
o Thoughts and ideas for new preppers and zombie enthusiasts.
o Being in the support role and commenting on others blog posts.
o Coming to grips with feeling like others don’t understand them.
o Encouraging and sharing experiences, for both the prepper and zombie enthusiasts.
o Strategies for the new comer.
o Strategies for lower-income and higher-income brackets – what can I afford on my budget?
• I plan to execute our strategy by using the following methods:
o Connect with key influencers, such as the USZORT and CDC.
o Connect with preppers and zombie enthusiasts who currently work with social media.
o Google Alerts (key words include preppers, dooms-day preppers and zombie)
o Google analytics

I plan to build a community that preppers and zombie enthusiasts can visit to share their stories about information, ideas and stratgies by creating Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as a blog. Each of these platforms help this idea reach each of its objectives.
• Facebook – will allow members of our community to communicate, share photos and videos and tell their stories
o Facebook will help members energize, support and embrace themselves and others by sharing photos and videos and by telling their ideas and strategies.
• Twitter – will allow members to communicate and share their thoughts quickly and in succession, thus allowing quick turnaround on inspirational and personal success and triumph tweets
o Twitter will help members support each other by sharing their quick thoughts about issues that motivate them
• Blog – will allow members to share in-depth details and stories with others.
o The blog will help members support each other and embrace their unique perspectives.
• Pinterest – will allow members to share photos of their ideas, but also collect photos from around the web that fascinate them and connect them to others.