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How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse and Other Natural Disasters

on December 14, 2015

Most people likely think of the zombie apocalypse as a fun, silly and imaginative thing that won’t happen or is so unlikely to happen that they don’t take the futuristic event seriously. I agree that the zombie apocalypse is a long way off and is not likely to happen, but understanding the importance of planning for a natural or man-made disaster can help save your and your families lives.

For instance, many of the zombie apocalypse preparation plans call for a disaster kit and an emergency plan. The disaster kit often includes water, food medications, tools and supplies, sanitation and hygiene supplies, clothing and bedding, important documents and first aid supplies. (How to Survive) Many of the items listed make sense to have in place for a natural or man-made disaster, not just for a zombie apocalypse. Because Zombie Apocalypse has the attention of many movie and TV watchers, it makes sense to add zombie apocalypse to the title of a disaster plan, particularly if it makes people want to build a disaster kit for their families.


The emergency plan is similar in nature. Whether it is a threat of zombies or a tornado coming your way, each family should pick two meeting places. (How to Survive) In the event that the family is separated, the lost souls will know the designated places to go, to find their family members.

The emergency plan also encourages the family to consider other types of disasters. (How to Survive) It may be fun to plan for the zombie apocalypse, but by looking around the home and regional area, the family can now consider other disasters that may occur that can be planned for. This increases the likelihood of survival in a number of disasters, not just one.

Making a list of emergency contacts and having evacuation routes planned are both included in the emergency plan. (How to Survive) The list should have the police and fire departments listed, but it should also include family and friends near and far. As for the evacuation routes, these should be thought through for each likely disaster. A home-fire evacuation route will be different than a tornado evacuation route, for example. Having the evacuation routes thought through prior to the disaster will allow family members to move away from the disaster quicker and more safely.

Having a disaster kit and emergency plan aren’t all to consider when thinking of how to survive a disaster. As Ryan Nickum discusses in his article U.S States Most And Least Likely To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse, there are other factors that can help people survive a disaster.

Nickum’s article takes several different categories into account, synthesizes the categories by state and declares which state is more likely to survive the zombie apocalypse and which one may not.

Although most of Nickum’s list of categories is related to a zombie apocalypse specifically, he has a few items that cross over nicely to the preparing for a disaster. One such item is physical activity.

Staying in shape is important for a number of reasons, but it can be equally important when faced with a natural disaster. Moving quickly, lifting oneself over an object or having to carry someone to safety are just three suggestive ways that physical activity and staying in shape can help in everyday life, as well as in a disaster.

People with military experience are another item from Nickum’s list. Military people usually have specific training, as well leadership skills and can help form and lead teams of people to alleviate disaster results and begin the process of rebuilding.

Another category includes people with knowledge of the disaster. Those with knowledge and understanding of the specific disaster can help alleviate the fear of the ‘what now’ and panic that may ensue after a disaster.

People with survival skills are also on the list of categories. Knowing how to survive outside of normal conditions can save lives, as well.

So the next time you roll your eyes when you hear about someone prepping for a zombie apocalypse, consider this: they are planning for much more than one disaster. Chances are, they are planning for a number of disasters, but use the zombie apocalypse as a fun way to plan for an otherwise scary event. They will be prepared. Will you?

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