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Gun Handler’s Society’s New Initiative: The Riley Factor – Peata Riley

on December 14, 2015

By Ellie Knolsby

MINCONSINOWA – The Riley Factor, the Gun Handler’s Society’s newest initiative, will offer proper gun handling to the everyday citizen.

“The Riley Factor will open its doors to everyday citizens to learn how to the handle a gun properly,” said Peata Riley, the program’s main conspirator. “If there is an interest, we want to help develop that interest in a safe, supportive and controlled environment.”

The Society plans to share its gun handling experience with a wider audience to encourage those who are interested in learning the skills, an opportunity to do so. The initiative, affectionately dubbed The Riley Factor, will encourage everyday citizens an opportunity to experience gun handling. The Society will assist those people who enjoy the experience and wish to pursue it with specific training through Society channels.

“Traditionally, most people are afraid of guns because they do not understand them,” said Riley. “This program will allow people an opportunity to learn about guns and to empower themselves as protectors of our society. Our goal is to educate those who are interested in the opportunity and to help develop responsible gun handlers.”

The Gun Handler’s Society hopes to have the new The Riley Factor ready for implementation within the next 6 months.

Peata Riley is a fictional character who lives in the future. Peata is the vehicle the author uses to spin a tale of common threads separated by temporal dimensions. Enjoy.