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Ellie’s Letter to Peata Re: Marketing Plan Update – Peata Riley

on December 14, 2015

Hello Peata,

I hope this letter finds you well.

As you know, the first two news releases were published in the Hamlet Ham weekly news letter. The first release titled Women Voted In as Member to Prestigious Gun Club was published over a month ago and has received good reviews. We’ve received several congratulatory letters as well as a few death threats, but that’s to be expected. Some people just don’t like women in high-ranking positions.

The second release titled Gun Handler’s Society’s New Initiative: The Riley Factor was released last Friday. It’s too early to tell what kind reception it will receive, but I believe it will be just as favorable as the first release, if not more, because it specifically talks about the new initiative and not about you.

I’ve forwarded both releases to about 50 percent of the hamlets within Minconsinowa. I’m working on the other 50 percent. The mail is slow, so it will take time to reach all 200 hamlets, but it will get done.

I reached out to the hamlets along the border of Minconsinowa first then worked my way in. The reason for this is that the border hamlets are keeping the darkness at bay and they understand the need for guns. I think the outer hamlets will appreciate and understand the need for change within the Society.

I do think we will have an issue with hamlets that are closer to the center of Minconsinowa, such as Ham Hamlet and other hamlets close to us. They are far removed from the darkness that lurks in the distance. They are ignorant to the fact that the darkness is reaching in and could cause havoc at any time. We will continue to educate and encourage them.

I’ve also sent both releases to The Minconsinowa Gazette. The Gazette is published quarterly, so I estimate that it will be in next quarter’s publication. The staff at the Gazette is open-minded and believes in the protection of our territory’s people. I think there is a good chance of publication. It’s still early, so we have time.

Although our plan is to reach each hamlet by mail, I believe that word of mouth will become a substantial advertising bonus for us, especially among the inner hamlets. There will be consternation and worry, so people will talk and want answers, which will drive word of mouth. Q & A’s have already been prepared, approved and sent to the chapter Society members to help with the education process.

The outer hamlets are spread out across greater distances, so word of mouth will take longer, but it is likely to still be effective.

Be safe. Be Smart. Shoot well,

Peata Riley is a fictional character who lives in the future. Peata is the vehicle the author uses to spin a tale of common threads separated by temporal dimensions. Enjoy.