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Critique a Website

Objective: Write a critique of a selected website. In your critique, present your understanding of the concepts covered in the last two classes: form vs. function and elements and principles of design, how are they presented on the website.

In the world of website design, there are a number of beautiful websites that are eye catching and stunningly beautiful, but sometimes it’s the simplicity that draws in the eye even more so. The Pistol Packing Ladies (PPL) website is one such site. Although it does not offer a depth of technique, it offers cleanliness and simplicity. From “form follows function” to the elements and principles of design, the PPL website is worth analyzing.

The authors of White Space Is Not Your Enemy (WSINYE), Hagen and Golombisky, state that “Good design results from a partnership between “form” as art and “function” as utility. (p. 2). The purpose, or function, of the PPL website is to introduce visitors to the local women’s shooting club, invite them to join other lady pistol shooters at the local range to hone skills and to feel empowered.

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Objective: to foster creativity, to improve Photoshop skills For this assignment you will create a composition using fonts as objects. Follow all the principles of design.



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