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Object Evaluation – Week Six – Wine Saver Pump

on October 5, 2014

This week’s assignment was a nice change of pace. Although my object evaluation is short, it’s a good-to-know evaluation for the wine drinker.

In the recent past, my husband has become interested in trying different brands of Cabernet Sauvignon to discover which ones he enjoys most. During the experimentation, which is ongoing, he realized that he did not necessarily want to drink the entire bottle of wine in one evening. I know, I know, this may surprise some serious wine coinsurers, but he not want to indulge until he found a few bottles of wine that he truly enjoyed.

What he noticed is that when he corked the bottle for use for the next day, the wine was not of the same caliber it had been when he first opened. We learned that this was due to the oxygenation of the wine.

Our kind and understanding neighbors introduced us to the wine saver pump. There are numerous brands to choose from, so we chose the VinoPro brand. You can purchase this just about anywhere, to include Amazon.

Screenshot 2014-10-05 19.02.00

You simply insert the stopper-looking device into the bottle as you would a cork, place the pump over the stopper and pump until the pump makes a click sound. Ta-da! You have just removed the oxygen from your bottle of wine. This saves your wine for approximately two weeks – or so the description says. My husband’s wine does not sit in the bottle that long, nor should yours.

I drink de-alcoholized wine and use the wine saver pump for my bottle, as well. It works wonderfully well, but as stated above, we don’t test the two-week description, so we’re not certain how much longer than a few days the de-oxygenated wine truly lasts.

So if you are a wine drinker, but have not tried a wine saver pump, I highly encourage it.