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Blog Post – Week 6 – Crowdsourcing

I think sourcing product insights has its advantage on social media (open source) as well as developing a specific community.  Asking questions and for product insight through any social medium channel that your followers are using will likely yield you some results, hopefully a lot of results.  The larger the community, the more opportunity you have to capture answers, thoughts and suggestions that could help your company develop a better product or offer a better service.

Depending on your community, however, creating a separate opportunity for your special followers to participate in product insight may be a great option.  Superfly.com did just that.  They created a special community for particular frequent-flier program participants, which gave the members a sense of being in an elite club.  The frequent-flier program members know the pain of long and frequent travel and were able to offer the company important insight.
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Object Evaluation – Week Six – Wine Saver Pump

This week’s assignment was a nice change of pace. Although my object evaluation is short, it’s a good-to-know evaluation for the wine drinker.

In the recent past, my husband has become interested in trying different brands of Cabernet Sauvignon to discover which ones he enjoys most. During the experimentation, which is ongoing, he realized that he did not necessarily want to drink the entire bottle of wine in one evening. I know, I know, this may surprise some serious wine coinsurers, but he not want to indulge until he found a few bottles of wine that he truly enjoyed.

What he noticed is that when he corked the bottle for use for the next day, the wine was not of the same caliber it had been when he first opened. We learned that this was due to the oxygenation of the wine.
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20 Question Survey for PPL

For this assignment, we had to create a questionnaire and explain why it was important.  I thought this was a neat assignment.  I may use some of these questions for Pistol Packing Ladies survey.

  1. Why do you visit the PPL website?
    1. NRA Class schedule
    2. To learn about the PPL Shooting Club
    3. To see what’s new
    4. Other

                                               i.     It’s important to understand why people are coming to the website

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