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A Very Cool Social Media Experience

The most amazing experience I had with social media was while I managed my Pistol Packing Ladies Facebook page. Facebook does not allow advertising for gun-related pages, so it was difficult to build a good follower base. That is until I started to find other gun clubs to like. Once I found them, they found me and the sharing began on an entirely different level.

I found one club that liked my page enough to share my club with their 10,000 members. My follower based increased by almost 1000 within a week. It was absolutely amazing.

The numbers have slowed down since then, but that one experience made me realize the power of the share. Now I help smaller clubs by sharing their information with my followers.

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Community Influencer – What Makes a Good One

I’ve enjoyed following Amit Verma @AmitV_Tweets. He is a young and ambitious influencer – he is engaging – but the more I read about what a community manager is supposed to do, I realize that he may not be the best community manager.

As a reference, I used The Community Roundtable’s “Community Management Fundamentals” brief. It was very insightful and offered a lot of opportunities to point out how Amit may not be a great community manager.

As a novice community manager, I thought numbers were the end-all-that-be all. I thought that the more likes and followers I had, the more successful my community was. That is partially true, but I now realize that being a engaging member in my community is just as important, if not more so, than just the numbers. I want to provide my community with interaction and feedback. I also want to give them a reason to come back to visit.
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A few years ago, I gave input into a specific web design for a specific purpose. The web designer used wireframes to help show our team to demonstrate to how she suggested the layout work for our new website. I found the wireframes to be helpful. Some things can’t be displayed well in a wire diagram, but our team was able to take the concept from the designer and manipulate it to what we were thinking. The process was very beneficial.

In Dan M. Brown’s “Communicating Design, Developing Web Site Documentation for Design and Planning” explanations about wire diagrams begin on page 166. The chapter opens with a definition of a wireframes, “A simplified view of what content will appear on each screen of the final product, usually devoid of color, typographical styles, and images. Also known as schematics, blueprints.” (pg. 166)
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Picking a Community Manager to Follow

I enjoyed looking for a community manager to follow. The list of groups the link sent me to introduced me to a number of potential managers, so I decided to follow a more one. Among others, I chose I @anntran, @StacyZapar, @Terrinakamura, @adam_Rayburn and @Danac. My favorite, however, is a young 20-something kid from India named Amit Verma @amitv_tweets.

Of the managers listed above, I liked Amit’s story the best. He’s a young kid from India with an incredible drive to be the best at what he does – sharing his knowledge about tech things. His goal is to be a tech expert. I think he’s on his way. He’s not only running this @amitv_tweets, he also manages @modernlifetimes, @modernlifeblogs and cre8vbuzz.

@amitv_tweets has over 16 thousand followers. His tweets are current and constant. The information he shares is interesting and I look forward to receiving his tweets.
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Web Standards Assignment

I read Owen Briggs’ rant (his words, not mine) titled “So, Why Bother?” I couldn’t find a date, but I guess it was written in the early 2000’s because a couple of articles I read were all dated around the same time. This one stood out because Briggs was talking about why web standardization was so important.

This is a long quote, but dang, it’s good and truly (for me) sums up why web standards are so important. “The idea of HTML et al is a document markup language that would grow. Its architects saw we were going digital and sat back and took a long view. A very long view. They laid the foundation for a language that would work with all the conceivable technology of the time, and would be expandable to the unconceivable technology that would follow. So that documents would never be unretrievable due to age. Ever. A browser in 2050 would be able to read a 1994 document. And in 2094. And so on. They made a stand of cultural importance to the world.”
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Everyday Object Evaluation – Week 2

This week’s evaluation is in reference to a can of CVS brand shaving cream. The can looks good and my husband tells me that the product in the cans works well, also. He went on to tell me that the ergonomics of the can – from holding it to pressing the button to eject the shaving cream – work nicely as well.

The error in the design is the indent around the push button at the top of the can. This indent fills with warm water that becomes cold as it continues to sit. Normally this would not be an issue, but when I move the can to clean under or around it, I am often splashed with cold water. This annoys me to no end.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 22.22.25
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Every Day Object Evaluation – Week 1

The firs example of an every day object that annoys me is our Samsung remote control for the DVD player. I find this particular remote annoying because most times when I pick it up, I pick it up upside down and begin pressing buttons. This would not bother most people I know, however, it bothers me because when I start pressing buttons with the remote upside down, I press the wrong buttons and get the incorrect responses from the DVD player.

When I complain to others about this remote, people look at me odd and some snicker and suggest that it is not the remote’s fault. They suggest that the user has the issue.

This remote is non-descript and other than two red buttons on top, there is nothing on the top of the remote that suggests that the top end is in fact the top of the remote. The other remotes I use have lettering on the top and the bottom of the remote and the top lettering clearly suggests which end is up.
Screenshot 2014-09-06 21.33.36
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Inside the Mind of This Community Manager

I plan to use much of what I learn in this class to better manage my Pistol Packing Ladies community. To get started, I thought it would be helpful to use the “Inside The Mind of A Community Manager” diagram as a tool to help to me better understand what a community manager is suppose to do and what I need to do better regarding my community.

Due to brevity, I won’t cover every characteristic, but I will cover those that I feel are most important to the PPL community. Starting at the top of the diagram and moving clockwise, the first characteristic of a good community manager is to be a sponge. A sponge “absorbs the emotional temperature of the community in order to monitor health, satisfaction, and engagement.” When I think of the PPL community, I know that most of the followers are republicans with a healthy view of safe gun handling and shooting. I know they enjoy a good laugh, but they take everything gun related very seriously, especially in light of the number of gun related incidents in the past several years across the country. The community members are worried that their gun rights will be removed by leadership that cannot recognize that it’s not a gun issue as much as it is a people issue. Bad people do bad things and often use tools such as a gun to do their dirty work. The emotional temperature is warm and comfortable, but when a hot topic is posted, the temperature can certainly rise.
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