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My ICM 522 Relfection

on May 6, 2014

ICM 522 was an amazing class. It was tough and demanded a lot of time, but it was well worth the effort. I learned a tremendous amount about a variety of social media platforms and the analytics to support them.

I especially liked the progression of ICM 522. Each week I added a new tool to my tool belt, but that tool was also a stepping stone to the next week’s lesson. The class was designed in a building-block method that I thought was very effective.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of useful tools I will take away from this class, so instead, I will focus on the lessons learned.

1) If I plan to work with another person on a class project similar to the community building that I did in this class, I will ensure we set up a team email. Kristie, my classmate, and I took turns building the different platforms using our personal email accounts. This proved to be a challenge when working with storify in that I could not access our community pages because they were associated with different email accounts. Another challenge was coordinating some of the analytics platforms such as Google. Because we each had an email address, Google would only allow one of us to use a particular platform If we had created a group email account, we would have had equal access across all social media and analytic platforms.

2) The power of the share was a great lesson to learn. The best part is that it happened on my business Facebook page, and I was able to share it here. I had just under a thousand likes on my Pistol Packing Ladies Facebook page when a much larger group shared my link with their friends. Within two days, PPL received over 800 likes in two days. I now more than two thousand likes in just a few weeks. The lesson was, “Don’t be afraid to ask other organizations to share your page with their friends.”

3) When building a community, don’t just build it, learn how to participate in it. Become a part of the conversation on different platforms and in different communities. Once I am recognized, I will be liked, followed, retweeted, pinned, etc. It’s very cool to have these things happen by larger organizations that have recognized my work.

4) Try something new. If it were not for the ICM program, I would not have created a personal blog. And if it were not ICM 522, I would not have become as familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as I have. Nor would have I tried Storify.com. Some of the new platforms are not as well developed as others, but there is versatility in them when I understand what my community needs and how it communicates.

Below are examples of a few of my favorites finished products. Also included are the links to the Scarred and Beautiful community Kristie Balisciano (classmate) and I created as a class assignment.

Social media communities.

Viral media and memes.







Before I finish, I need to give Professor Eleanor Hong a shout out. She was a fantastic instructor. Her class, as I mentioned above, was relevent and meaningful to me. I learned more than 800 words could describe and I’m thankful that QU hires the quality of professors that it does.

Which reminds me… many grad prorams run on 7-week semesters. There is no way that the amount of information that ICM 522 covered could be taught in seven weeks. Although 15 weeks seems long to me (all of my higher education was accomplished with the 7-week semester), it’s worth the knowledge I’ve gained. Keep up the good work and keep making the curiculum worth learning.

To end on a fun note, here is my first meme.
PPL Meme