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A Hypothesis

I recently spoke to a colleague at work about looking for new employment. We were discussing resume content and what we’ve learned over the years. Tom shared a hypothesis that surprised me on one hand, but made complete sense on the other.

His hypothesis was that for many years employers wanted to see numbers as a benchmark in a resume. For instance, Tom managed a number of people in a particular section and those people contributed to the section’s output by a certain percentage. The idea was that the output was intended to grow for the time that Tom was in the position. This thought process is very quantitative in nature. Tom proposed a question similarly to Wheatley’s question, “But are measures and numbers the right pursuit?” (Wheatley, pg. 1)
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It’s Only Forever

I regret to inform you that the photos you posted last weekend of you and your buddies doing something stupid will prevent you from getting that awesome job for which you’ve been hoping. Your resume was fantastic – the best of the bunch according to your would-be employer – but she was not impressed with what she found online about you. Sad. You would have been perfect for the job.

You’re not the only one. There have been others.

Private First Class Tariqka Sheffey is a young Soldier who decided to stay in her car and take a selfie rather than to get out of her car to salute the flag she joined the Army to defend. Her posting experience is a good example of how the internet does not forget. The photo went viral and has made her life a bit more challenging. Her investigation is ongoing. (armytimes.com)

Another example includes Air Force Staff Sgt. Cherish Byers who posted a photo of herself tongue kissing a POW/MIA emblem. (Harper) Outrage ensued over this photo, as it should. The reason I share this example, is that this was not a recent photo. Byers took this photo three years ago. The internet does not forget.
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My ICM 501 Reflection

When I learned that one of my first two classes for the Interactive Media program would be a theory class, I thought, “Bummer. This is going to be a boring class.” From previous theories classes, I assumed that this class would be equally as boring.

I was in for a wonderful surprise. I found ICM 501 to be very interesting. I think partly because I have an under-grad in psychology and most of the theories I learned about throughout the semester were based in psychology and sociology. I found this fascinating. I enjoyed the reading materials and learned a tremendous amount about issues I’d never considered before, such as ratings and recommender systems, copyright and copyleft, algorithms and ambient awareness.

A requirement for ICM 501 was to create a personal blog to where I posted my weekly assignments. I had never blogged before, nor had I any intention of blogging until it became a requirement. It was a learning lesson that I will not soon forget. I chose a simple, but colorful layout; one that I could manage easily and enjoyed visiting. I also learned that I enjoyed writing the posts. Although the weekly posts were an assignment, I was proud of my writing and the work I did. Each post was not created equal, but some of them are dang good.
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My ICM 522 Relfection

ICM 522 was an amazing class. It was tough and demanded a lot of time, but it was well worth the effort. I learned a tremendous amount about a variety of social media platforms and the analytics to support them.

I especially liked the progression of ICM 522. Each week I added a new tool to my tool belt, but that tool was also a stepping stone to the next week’s lesson. The class was designed in a building-block method that I thought was very effective.

I cannot begin to explain the amount of useful tools I will take away from this class, so instead, I will focus on the lessons learned.
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