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Elegant Organization and Created Discoverable Communities

When I googled ‘elegant organization’, a variety of references appeared.  Two businesses wanted to help me get organized and help me ‘let go of stuff’, there were several images of very neat and clutter free rooms, and there was the video referencing Zuckerber’s ‘elegant organization’ comment.

I also looked up the definitions of elegant and organization.  The definition of elegant is “appropriate to refined taste” and the definition of organization is “the state or manner of being organized.”  If I were to paraphrase these two definitions together, I would say, “an organized group with refined tastes.”  Perhaps this is what Zuckerberg was referring to.

If this were the case, then I think he had it right in that bringing people together does take certain elegant organization.  People want a flow to their lives, a lack of clutter and a communal feeling.  If a company or organization can offer an elegant organization – a certain way for people to communicate – a community will follow.  If not, people will either find another community or build their own.

Social media is everywhere and so are communities.  It takes only a moment to type a preferred community choice into Facebook to find a group of like-minded people waiting to accept you.  The possibilities are endless.

Discovering or creating a community hasn’t always been this simple, however, as Shirky states, “We used to pursue our intrinsic motivations in private, either alone or among family and friends.” (Pg. 95) Not until the internet arrived, was there a social search engine.  In the past, it took hard work to find new communities outside the ones we were already accustomed to.  I think if would have been difficult to ask family, friends and acquaintances if they new of a particular group that I was interested in, especially if it was outside of the norm.  I think it would have been even more difficult to start a new community.  A person would have to advertise and build awareness, find a meeting place and physically have to be present at the community gatherings.  That’s a lot of work.  Thank goodness for the social media.

Human nature calls us to connect with others.  Social media allows us to connect in a number of ways through elegant organizations.  Any person can join a number of communities, all fulfilling a need or want in that person’s life.  Each community is created and discoverable by those wanting and looking.





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How Are You Influenced?

Have you ever been influenced to make a purchase or do something significant by someone in your personal and/or social networks?

I am an avid Facebook user because of my influencers, or perhaps they are saleswomen.  I avoided Facebook for a while until one fateful day I was bombarded with emails to join.  The emails weren’t from just anybody; the emails were from my close friends.   I couldn’t spend time with these close friends because of distance.  Their emails were the straws that broke this non-Facebook user’s back.  Now I’m hooked.  Thanks, guys…

I can’t say that I’ve been influenced to make a purchase by my social media friends.  I may ask what a certain group thinks about a particular product, but I rely more on the five- and one-star reviews (weak ties) to help me decide whether to purchase or not.  If I’m struggling with a choice between two items, I’ll buy the two items, compare them, return one of the items, and post my findings on Facebook.  This ties directly into Content Nation – the self-publisher.   It’s fun to test the products and publish the results for people.  I end up choosing the best product for me and my friends get a favorable review that they can use to purchase their own product.

Although I take the reviews from product sites into account for my purchase decisions, I also have a few mavens that I use regularly.  Kris is my tech maven.  Anytime I need advice on the purchase of a tech-type gadget, Kris is my girl.  Erica is my one-stop-shop for small business questions.  When I have a work related question, I call Brenda.  Nikki is a self-defense, security and firearms expert, who I turn to for help in these areas.  Mavens are definitely the most important and powerful influencers in my network.  I trust what they say and listen with intent.

I have also become a maven in my pistol group – for both the men and women.  I am often asked about my firearms choices, where I buy my firearms, and my opinion on a number of firearms related issues.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and opinions with like-minded people, so I particularly enjoy being a maven in this group.

This quote sums it up nicely.  “… If you give people a way to act on their desire for autonomy and competence or generosity and sharing, they might take you up on it …” Cognitive Surplus, pg. 95.

I give my opinion to anyone who asks.

How about by someone famous OUTSIDE your personal network?

I had to think about this for a few minutes.  I don’t track celebrities.  I don’t follow them.  I don’t ‘like’ them.  Celebrities do not influence my decision to purchase a product.

However, in my maven paragraph above, I mentioned Nikki.  Because of what she does for a living, she chooses not to use social media.  Although she is not famous, Nikki is inside my network, but outside of my social network.

Are you more influenced by individuals with which you have strong ties, such as connectors or mavens in your network? OR Are you more influenced by larger groups of friends with weaker ties outside your immediate network?

I am definitely influenced by those closest to me.  I trust what they say to be accurate and believable.

Why do you think you were influenced in the way you were?

I’m influenced by weak ties (reviews) because they give me perspective of the product I plan to buy.  The reviews give me the good and the bad, which help me make a balanced decision.  I’m also influenced by my strong ties because they are people I trust, respect and expect good information from.


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How to Ruin Facebook

Some day someone other than the students and professors in my program will read my blog and respond and comment to things like this.  Until then, I’ll have to keep amazing myself with my internet finds.


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Is Social Media Disruptive? Ah, Yea!

Social media is very disruptive, but in a positive way.  It has disrupted the ‘old way of doing things’ and allows conversations to be had across a number of social media platforms.  It’s a good thing.

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Who’s Using Whom?

We, the humans, use the machine every day in a number of ways across every social media platform.  We use it to stay in touch with family and friends.  We use it to entertain ourselves (Cognitive Surplus).  We use it to publish our thoughts and ideas (Content Nation).  We also use the machine to take charge of our own experience and get what we need from the sources we need (Groundswell).

The more we give, the more it takes.  We definitely use the machine. The machine uses us, too.  We are consumers of knowledge, entertainment and connection.  The machine asks us for input, analyzes the input for us, then offers us an answer, a product, a resource or a number of other options that the machine spits out for our consumption.  The machine is happy to use us.  It gains access to our worlds and makes us believe we can’t live without it. The more it gives, the more we take; the more we need; the more we crave.  The machine definitely uses us.

Because of the synergy between us and the machine and the desire for both sides to participate, I think social media will always matter.  More so than ever, people want to connect with other people.  There is nothing limiting us from reaching out to others.  Nothing.  Social media is the machine that gets us there.  No one wants to leave.  It’s how we fill our time.

In the first chapter of Cognitive Surplus, the author, Clay Shirky, talked about how people filled their time with TV.  They had a surplus of time and found TV a good filler of time.  It wasn’t just to fill time; however, it was to fill the void of missed social time in their lives.  One study stated, “people turn to favored programs when they are feeling lonely, and that they feel less lonely when they are viewing those programs.”  That is what social media to this generation and, mostly likely, many generations to come.

That is what social media is to me.  It fills a social void.  I log on to Facebook at work, at home and on my phone.  It’s the quickest way for me to stay in touch with people that are important to me.  Although I don’t spend hours and hours on Facebook – I still have TV to watch – I’m on it every day connecting with family, friends and clients.  It’s important to me now and to my future.

However, I’m just one person. I think social media is important to the future of everyone because, as Content Nation suggests, “We are living our lives differently.”  We still live in our communities, but they are online.  We connect online.  We shop online.  We learn online.  Our world is online.  We are a groundswell constantly moving forward, ready to change the world – online.

Social media will always be important.  We can’t live without it.

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ICM 522 Intro

This is my intro video for ICM 522.  It took several recording to get it right, but it’s done.  I’m certain I will be a master at Screencast by the time I’m done with this course.  :-)  Take a look and tell me what you think.

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Changing my direction

After consulting with a classmate in my QU program and learning more about what a blog is,  I decided to change the direction of my blog and focus on my QU experience and capture as many of life’s moments as I can along the way.   This includes writing about things I learn, things I experience while going through the program and how this program has enhanced my professional and personal knowledge, skills and attitude toward interactive media.

I’m certain I will venture off the path from time to time, but that is to be expected.  Life happens, but I will do my best to keep the course.

I hope you’ll join me for what I am sure will be an amazing adventure over the next two years.

Hang on!  Here we go…

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Before I begin to share the reason behind this blog, let me share with you the meaning of ‘passion-able’. According to Dictionary.com, Passion means 1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate and 2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor. It means other things as well, but this is a G rated blog site.

Also according to Dictionary.com, Able means 1. having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified, 2. having unusual or superior intelligence, skill, 3. showing talent, skill, or knowledge, 4. legally empowered, qualified, or authorized.

So when I combine passion and able, I get passion-able, a strong word that implies powerful and compelling use of skill, knowledge and talent.  I do not claim to be fully passion-able at this time; to be fully passion-able is similar to being self-actualized – something that one hopes to achieve over a lifetime, but never truly accomplishes.

So my goal with this blog is to share things I am passionate about in a skilled and knowledgeable way that shows growth toward a smarter tomorrow.  A personal smarter tomorrow, not a worldly smarter tomorrow.


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